At we can custom print markers for all your control panel needs including Terminal Markers, Wire & Cable Markers, Device Markers, Push Button Legends, Serial/Name Plates.

We use Weidmüller's ‘PrintJet ADVANCED’ custom label printer to print on the ‘MultiCard’ range of markers, giving you the best results possible when it comes to scratch and wipe resistant tags and markers in the field.

With over 500 custom markers to choose from, you can always find the right solution for your connector marker, conductor marker, cable marker or device marking needs.

We have custom printed marker tags for even the harshest of environments, whether they need to deal with very high temperatures or corrosive chemicals. Our asset tags and markers are heat resistant and UV safe so they won't fade, making them perfect for the outdoors and the hardest of environments.

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Already designed your custom markers? download M-Print® PRO to create and send your project files to us.


M-Print® PRO is a professional software tool for designing markers and labels. The software helps you to optimise your processes for marking electrical equipment. You can design your marker materials effortlessly, professionally, and quickly: texts, frames, lines, graphics, barcodes, serial numbers and logos can all be imported for use on your custom marker.

Using M-Print® PRO instead of sending us an Excel file gives you a marker print preview - see what the printout will look like at the design phase. If you already have your marker data in another form, you can import the custom marker data using the custom marker import wizard which supports for many file formats (*.txt, *.csv, *.xml, etc.) - data input has never been so easy.

M-Print® PRO works with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

For help or advice on how to best import your custom marker data, set up files or find the right marker for your application please give us a call. We can offer remote training if required.


Wire & Cable Markers

The Weidmüller range of Wire and Cable Markers provide you with solutions for a huge variety of applications.

At Custom Marking we have Wire and Cable markers for thin wires and cables as well as large external diameter cable.

Due to Weidmüller's diverse wire and cable marker range, there is a wire and cable marker solution for nearly every application whether it's transparent sleeve Markers or Markers which attach with a cable tie.

Halogen-free, Weidmüller Wire and Cable Markers comply with both European and in-house standards of well-known system manufacturers.

Download M-Print® PRO

Wire & Cable


SlimFix markers from the SF range are true all-rounders when it comes to meeting tough requirements. The markers are approved and listed for rail transportation systems and available in 12mm or 21mm long sleeves. They are suitable for use in areas with exposure to vibrations. The SF range covers diameters from 1.0 to 7.8 mm and is fixed in position using the specialised SF tool.


The SFX-range of SlimFix markers are attached with cable ties and can be used for cable diameters from 7.0 mm. The maximum diameter is only limited by the length of the cable tie that is used. The secure fastening of the SFX is particularly significant where there are high mechanical demands.


The SlimFix Clips are made from sturdy polyamide 66 and combine two advantages in one product. Their unique clip closure means they can be fitted at every stage in the installation as easily as an open marker while still offering you the application-based security of a closed marker. The markers are designed for wire and cable diameters from 1.5 to 7.0 mm, they have labelling surfaces of 12mm, 21mm & 30mm long to give you enough space for extensive character strings. An ideal solution for marking LAN cables or SAI cables.


The TM-I marker is Weidmüller's version of the insert tag and clear sleeve solution. The sophisticated contouring of the marker ensures that they fit securely and allow for easy assembly and exchange. The markers are recognised and listed for transportation engineering. The markers in the range come in five lengths 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 30mm.

For details of all sleeves available click here!


Optimally designed for use in WKM cable markers, the ELS tags meet the highest requirements where prominent identification of cables is needed. The high-quality markers are made of polyamide 66. This guarantees a constant, high-quality appearance and clear and simple presentation of information even in extreme conditions where oil, water or other fluids are present.

For details of the WKM holders click here!

Terminal Markers

Terminal Marking

The Weidmüller range of terminal markers enables you to accomplish virtually any terminal labelling task, on any conductor connector, plug-in connector, as well as electronic assemblies. Quickly and easily identify the terminal with the DEK and WS terminal markers.

The MF (multi-fit) terminal marker range has been specifically designed to fit multiple manufacturers products. These terminal markers fit Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff, Cabur, Entrelec, Festo, Legrand, Murrelektonik, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Telemecanique, Wago, Wieland, Woertz and others. We can normally find a marker to fit your terminal – try us!

Download M-Print® PRO

Terminal Markers


The Dekafix marker is the universal marker for terminals and plug-in connectors, as well as electronic modules from the Weidmüller product range. Available in strips for fast installation - look for the PLUS versions.

Download the cross-reference table here!


Specifically for the W-series cable connectors, there is enough space on the printing area for long and individual character strings, even for multi-line layouts. Also available in the PLUS version for marking in strips.

Download the cross-reference table here!


The ZS markers were specially designed for the Z-series, their functionality stands out thanks to a time-saving folding mechanism: without removing the markers, cross connectors are still easily accessible. This is an advantage when it comes to quick exchanges or fast assembly. Fitted with the proven snap-on system, individual markers or whole strips can be fitted in the fastest possible time.

Download the cross-reference table here!


The WAD marker is the preferred choice for marking group functions. Locked to individual terminals, or the end brackets, this marker gives you the largest possible surface for your labelling.

ELS + SCHT 5/5s

Optimally designed for use in SCHT 5-type tag carriers, the ELS tags meet the highest requirements where prominent identification terminal strips is needed. The high-quality markers are made of polyamide 66. This guarantees a constant, high-quality appearance and clear and simple presentation of information even in extreme conditions.


Weidmüller have developed the adaptable MultiFit marker range. MultiFit markers are suitable for components made by the following manufacturers: Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff, Cabur, Entrelec, Festo, Legrand, Murrelektonik, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Telemecanique, Wago, Wieland and Woertz.

Download the cross-reference table here!

Device & Equipment

Device & Equipment Marking

Device and installation markers round off the range of switchgear markers. Using device markers means you will be following official regulations on the marking of electrical equipment.

We stock the entire range of Weidmüller device markers for devices made by well-known manufacturers such as Telemecanique & Siemens - mirroring their original counterparts.

There’s a range of adhesive markers which gives a secure attachment for most applications and expands the range of devices that can be marked. We can normally find a marker to fit – try us!

Download M-Print® PRO

Device & Equipment


You can solve the identification of independent manufacturer equipment with the uniform and systematically constructed ESG-type MultiCard range. The carefully matched components bring together equipment from different manufacturers strictly and systematically, in a uniform marking matrix, which is reinforced by the high quality and brilliance of the PrintJet ADVANCED printing. In this way you can create perfect clarity in the electrical cabinet at the highest level of professionalism.

ESG-markers are available for equipment from the following manufacturers, including: ABB-Stotz, AEG, Beckhoff, Berneker & Rainer, Eaton-Moeller, Festo, Lumberg, Siemens and Telemecanique (Schneider Electric).

Alternatively, the SCHS shielding rail can be fitted to almost any device, either glued or screwed. It is the preferred choice for high contrast labelling, especially for devices placed side by side.


To avoid incorrect operation, clear identification is essential when marking the functions of control and signalling devices. Designed specifically to meet this need, the SwitchMark system covers the entire range of requirements of the respective application areas. The markers are snapped into the holders designed for the different manufacturers’ control and signalling devices or fastened in place using the adhesive version.

Even for the many variations in cam-switch positions, the SwitchMark range contains the appropriately shaped markers for accurate labelling. Combined with Weidmüller’s marking systems, we can print the markers independently and as required for the application in an individual layout – including all the relevant additional information.


With its crisply printed labelling area in various sizes, the multi-functional ClipCard is on an equal footing with engraved device markers. Mounted at eye-level, it is the ideal alternative for marking electrical installations and switching facilities and uses the full range of attachment types including pre-drilled, adhesive, or additional CC-M holders that can screwed, riveted or cable tied as well as a tag rail solution.

From simple device identification through to the labelling of pipework, valves, motors or lamps in accordance with DIN V VDE V 0108 (part 100), or creating nameplates with a colour logo, barcode & symbols you can cover the entire marking requirements reliably and cost-efficiently with the ClipCard range.


Maximum visibility when labelling switching devices or components can be achieved using the single-piece DMC markers. The sophisticated snap-fit mechanism gives a reliable hold on multi-core control cables, as well as on individual wires. This is a valuable advantage when critical equipment information needs to be well positioned to be visible, even with extremely tight space constraints. It should be firmly fixed to wire and cable diameters from 1.5 to 7.5 mm.


Metal Marking

Metal Marking

We have both aluminium metal markers and stainless steel metal markers, so they can comply with a wider range of labelling requirements.

The deep contrasts of their multi-colour print make the metal markers really stand out. In the technically demanding industries, our stainless steel markers – with their outstanding resistance – is an investment in safety.

The metal marker line offers a range of outstanding installation features. They can be used anywhere: whether the marker needs to be glued, riveted, attached with plate holder or by rail, or in combination with stainless steel cable ties.

Download M-Print® PRO

Metal Marking

The MetalliCard's resistance was tested using various wipe tests according to DIN EN 60068-2-70 and passed the testing successfully for 48 hours using different materials (including acetone, ethyl alcohol, 34% urea and fuel).

The sun test results of the metal markers for Central Europe show that the MetalliCard is resistant against UV radiation for at least five years.

The Metallicard metal markers had excellent results in temperature, air and sea tests, and showed total resistance to high-pressure cleaning: further proof of its suitability for a wide range of applications.

  • IEC 61984/10.2011
  • DIN 40050 part 2/05.1993
  • DIN EN ISO 9227/10.2006

Asset Tagging

Asset Tagging

Suitable for industrial hire equipment and other demanding applications, we have produced asset tags for Water Boards and leading Renewable Energy Developers where the asset tags are used externally.

We can print asset tags with full-colour logos and symbols as well as sequential numbering, and all formats of bar code including QR codes!

Download M-Print® PRO

Asset Tagging

If you want long-term performance these asset tags come second to none, using the same printing technology as our industrial terminal and cable markers, pipe tags, valve tags, and serial plates - these are the only tags suitable for outdoor usage in the harshest of environments.

These strong asset tags can be attached to most surfaces and are manufactured for long term durability and to withstand a temperature range of -40°C to 100°C.

The asset tags are available either pre-drilled or with double-sided adhesive tape attached giving you tremendous time savings during installation. There are matching holders for additional mounting possibilities: snap-locking or using cable ties.


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